Linlithgow's Secret Garden: the Annet House Rigg


  • Smell the flowers
  • Taste the fruit (in season)
  • Hear the birds
  • Touch the middle of the Maze (and try to find your way out!)
  • See the statue of Mary Queen of Scots


The Rigg would have been used to provide the everyday necessities for the family living in Annet House. It provided herbs and plants for nutrition, medicine and decoration, a water supply in the form of cisterns, and a cold store in the form of an Ice House. Originally it would have provided secure accommodation for the family's livestock.




The Rigg today is maintained in a way that incorporates the species and varieties of plants that would have been growing in Victorian times. The garden  work is undertaken by a group of volunteers and  anyone is welcome to spend a few hours weeding.

Come and see

  • marjoram and medlars
  • heartsease and hops
  • bay and blackberries
  • lavender and lovage
  • potatoes and peonies

Linlithgow Heritage Trust has published a book about the garden and its plants.Linlithgow's Secret Garden: the Annet House Rigg is available from Annet House and the local bookshops. Price £8.99