The Scotch Brigade Colours


In the late 16th century many Scots served as mercenaries in Holland helping the Dutch in their struggle to free themselves from Spanish oppression. Scottish soldiers continued to serve in Holland until the late 18th century when the Scottish regiments were disbanded.


 When war with revolutionary France loomed the army was expanded. The Scotch Brigade (later known as the 94th Foot) was raised by former officers of the Scots Brigade.


The 94th saw service in India and later in Portugal and Spain where it served in the army led by the Duke of Wellington.


During a reorganisation of the army in 1881 the 94th was amalgamated with the 88th Foot (Connaught Rangers).


The exhibition gives pride of place to the colours presented to the Scotch Brigade in 1795. These colours were carried by the regiment in India. They were replaced in 1801 to reflect the inclusion of Ireland in the United Kingdom. The colours were laid up in St Michaels church where they hung until the 1990s